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Enable Integration provides hardware and software solutions for your company. The Enable team has extensive hardware and software experience across a variety of hardware and software technologies. We will work with you to define your project requirements, develop your solution, and help you deliver and support it. Industry leaders turn to Enable Integration for our expertise and commitment to providing high-quality programming and consulting services. 

With more than 60 combined years of LabVIEW experience, Enable engineers and programmers develop your solution by integrating systems involving:

Test and Measurement

Enable increases the robustness of your test and measurement solutions, thereby reducing errors and associated costs.

Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Enable defines and builds custom DAQ systems for automated measurements of any process or manufactured part.

Control and Automation Engineering

Enable ensures that your processes are programmed to be safe, effective and optimized for both speed and quality.

Real-Time and Mission Critical Systems

Enable develops dependable real-time systems and Hardware in the Loop (HIL) simulations for high-speed applications.

Motion Control

Enable creates software for synchronized multi-axis robotic control of velocity, position, force and action.

Machine Vision

Enable implements software and hardware-based solutions for precise image analysis, data extraction and vision-guided machine control.

R&D Systems/Product Development

Enable’s team of engineers and scientists works with you to address and solve problems containing technical challenges and uncertainties.

Electronic Test Systems

Enable programs and builds software and hardware-based solutions for accurate measurements, from DC to RF.

Web Interface

Enable enhances your systems by being able to provide a web interface to monitor and control your systems remotely.

Web Development

Enable enhances your systems by integrating desktop and mobile web frameworks using PHP, CSS and HTML5.

Database Development

Enable decentralizes your data storage to be online, secure and accessible from anywhere.

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